Facts about your skin

  • Skin is the largest organ in Human body. On an average human being, Skin accounts for nearly 12 -15% of the body weight.
  • Skin plays a pivotal role in regulating body temperature.
  • The human Skin has the capability to regenerate itself entirely every month.
  • Changes in the skin can indicate the changes in overall health.


  • Being the largest organ of human body, Ageing is first visible through skin. Hence, a significant amount is spent to prevent or slow down skin ageing.
  • How your Skin ages depends on various factors like diet, lifestyle, personal habits etc.
  • Skin Ageing is inevitable process and begins from the birth itself. The visible difference occurs as the age exceeds 40 years.


  • Nutrition plays a major role in deterring the condition and health of the Skin cells.
  • A healthy diet, rich in fruits and fresh vegetables ensure a regular supply of antioxidants in the body. These antioxidants help in limiting the damaging effects of free radicals in the Skin.
  • Some foods have high levels of antioxidants such as carrots, green leafy vegetables, bell peppers, tomatoes, pulses, blueberries etc.


  • Here are few tips from our expert Dermatologists to keep your Skin healthy and Young:
  • Sun - Our energy source is one of the primary reason for Skin ageing. The UV rays present in Sun’s radiation cause uneven pigmentation of the Skin. Usage of Sunscreen (SPF 30 & above) regularly to all the Skin that is directly exposed to Sun helps reduce the Skin ageing.
  • Smoking - The chemicals and nicotine present in the cigarettes causes wrinkles and a dull, saggy complexion. Most Dermatologists suggest to quit smoking immediately to reduce the Skin ageing effects.
  • Pollution - Prolonged exposure to pollution in most of the cities releases Skin damaging free radicals. This, combined with Sun exposure accelerates the oxidative stress.
  • Nutrition - Consuming lots of antioxidant-rich food helps neutralise the free radicals that damage the Skin and speed up Ageing.
  • Proper Skincare - Cleansing your Skin gently will help remove pollution dust, makeup and other substances from the Skin layer. Washing your Skin after perspiration will keep the Skin fresh and applying moisturiser immediately will help trap water in our Skin, giving it a more youthful look.
  • Choose your Skincare products wisely - Choose a moisturiser or a cream that doesn’t irritate your Skin. When your Skin burns or irritates, it makes you look older. Consult a dermatologist before using any anti-ageing product and check whether it irritates your Skin.



  • Benefits: Cleanse, Hydrate, Boost Glow
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  • Benefits: Cleanse, Hydrate, Boost Glow
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  • Benefits: Cleanse, Hydrate, Boost Glow
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